A Quick Thank You – and Thoughts on How to Spend Your Draft Night

Hey, kids!

Thanks for showing us some love early-on with the new show. (I haven’t looked at numbers, so those thanks could be to a grand total of six of you – including my parents – or it could be 600. Who knows? Point is, thanks.) As I said on-air, I’m excited to be back in the hockey world in any capacity and I guess it really was inevitable. I won’t wax poetic about my own experience in the business any more than I already have but while I stepped away, a little less than four years ago, at a point when I was just catching some serious momentum and following for my own reasons that didn’t make sense to many, it’s already starting to feel like never left, in terms of my mindset at the moment. I’m fired up, somewhat surprisingly so, and as though my wife may disagree, after noting recently, “You know, when you get going with this stuff, you get a little crazy,” that’s good news for me – and hopefully for you too.

The podcast is now available via subscription with iTunes. Just search for “Isles Beat” – or even in one-word format (“Islesbeat”), tap “GET” and boom. I just taught you how to subscribe to our podcast. Or any podcast, really. But hey, you’re here. Might as well make it ours.

If you’ve listened to either (or both) of the first two episodes, you may have observed some rust. That’ll fade in time. What’ll fade immediately, as of Episode 3, is my terrible audio. I’m not sure how, and I promise I wasn’t, but aside from fading in and out from time to time, it sounded like I was intermittently blowing my nose. Anyway, apologies for all that. Help is on the way, in the form of a brand new mic. That’s an investment, yo. And that shows you how serious I am about making this a top-quality presentation.

You may have also noticed B.D.’s record-setting usage of the term, “Absolutely!” A spellbinding 972 utterances surpassed the previous mark of 712, set, of course, by Hall of Fame podcaster, Mervin Schunderbaum in 1971 on his show, “Evenings with Mervin.”

I’m proud of my partner. Forget that Gretzky character. Marvelous Mervin’s record was the one that no one thought would ever be broken.

Now then … What to expect on draft night? Hard to tell, really, though the scribes are out and about this morning on the ol’ Twitter noting some early morning stirring by a handful of GMs looking to shake things up a bit. Will Garth Snow be one of them? Possible, sure, but again, hard to tell.

I’d temper overall excitement and expectations, personally, and here’s why:

  • As far as the players being selected go, be honest: Most of you have never heard of anyone outside of McDavid, Eichel and Strome and even fewer of you have seen any of them play. So, no feigning joy or disappointment. Read your draft guides, before, during and/or after and hope for the best. Listen to trade talk. Boo the Rangers. Have a drink.
  • Sir Snow won’t be doing anything just for the sake of doing it, which means if anything does go down, it’s because someone paid a juicy price for an Islander asset. That could be a Grabner for a pick-type thing, an Okposo for a haul-type thing, a Nielsen for a something else-type thing or something we’re not thinking of just yet. I don’t see him making too much of an effort to get into the first round strictly because I don’t see the point of paying the price to do so.
  • There’s a 99.764% chance that Jack Capuano will still be the head coach of the Islanders by the time the draft is through. So, we’ll have to continue to wait for that celebration. (But maybe, just maybe, someone will come calling and overpay for this perennial Jack Adams candidate? Hey – a girl can dream.)

Rather than sit around and wait for the Isles to move into the first round (they won’t) to draft a guy you’ve never heard of, take in the draft like I used to. Make it fun. Play a game. It’s simple – and it goes like this:

  1. Pick up a draft guide – any, really, will do.
  2. Write down the names of the top 30 prospects, along with their ranking (according to your handy-dandy guide) on index cards, or strips of paper, or popsicle sticks. Whatever you have laying around will do.
  3. Invite some friends over and collect $5 (or whatever) from each.
  4. Distribute the draft candidates evenly among your friends.
  5. As each player gets drafted, dole out points, or take them away, depending on how far off their projection was. (You do the simple math.)
  6. Drink that same number, if negative, or dole out drinks to your friends, if you’re on the upside of the projection.
  7. Tally up the points at the end of the game.
  8. Whoever wins gets all the money.
  9. Whoever passes out gets written on in Sharpie.
  10. Send us your pictures, especially of the latter (and especially of the ladies! Heyyyyyooooooo!)

However you take in the draft (up to and including NOT taking in the draft in any capacity), do so while interacting with us via Twitter. (@JonJordan and @BDGallof – easy enough, right?)

Again, thanks for the early listens (and whatever reads this may bring.)

Should be a fun ride.