IslesBeat’s Good Reads – NHL Draft Edition

IslesBeat’s Good Reads – NHL Draft Edition

Not up on your NHL draft blogs? Here are the best we have seen.

All about the numbers….

NHL Numbers with a look at the Free Agent Market from the only perspective that matters, Isles fans… The analytics.

You ask about Dmen…. Well they took at look at that also….

In fact, NHL Numbers has been a great read all around. Here’s a good one about teams who can benefit from cap crunched teams via trade. has a good piece on how Analytics is finding its way to the NHL Draft. This is nice, but the Isles have been using that in their drafts since 2006. So not so new. But a good read as rest of NHL is catching up.

Edmonton Journal has a very good piece on how Bruins lately have actually drafted worse than the Edmonton Oilers. Awkward. Take a good look at who as at the top of their draft success chart.



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