IslesBeat’s Good Reads – The Future Requires Smart and Safe Moves

IslesBeat’s Good Reads – The Future Requires Smart and Safe Moves

The cap bubble has burst. It will move very little, if not at all, for the next few years. Teams are now racing to plan ahead, including not sign marginal UFAs who still sit waiting for contracts. Many teams will need to trust their youth/young players to carry them forward. It is time for efficient spending and cap management. No longer is it buy, buy, buy….


If you missed our last podcast, Jon Jordan and I have Hockey Prospect Radio’s Russ Cohen give his take on the Islanders prospects and offseason.


THN’s Matt Larkin with a good view on why many teams, including the NY Islanders, have not made many moves. It’s for a reason.


How Tampa Bay will have to dump salary to hold onto Stamkos.


Puck Daddy’s Ryan Lambert with why Ryan Kelser’s new contract is indefensible.


The always excellent Jonathan Willis on how the Edmonton Oilers might have to start dealing defensive prospects.


A MUST READ is this really sharp analysis that looks at Washington Capitals spending (and others) in the Salary Cap Era. We are entering a time where spending efficiently is a must.


Because otherwise you walk into this… where the Washington Capitals might not be able to sign players because they are constantly at the cap ceiling.


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