IslesBeat Good Reads – The Lets Go Islanders Edition

IslesBeat Good Reads – The Lets Go Islanders Edition

The Hockey News on how Isles fans closed out the Coliseum Billy Joel concert with a “Lets Go Islanders Chant”.


Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2015 is out now. In it are tidbits about all teams, including the NY Islanders. Just like this one I cited on twitter…


Elliot Friedman over at has a good piece on the implications of the new MLBAM & NHL partnership.  


The Verge on how the MLB’s Tech Empire was built.


If you thought the Canucks trade for Brandon Sutter was bad, you should see the contract extension.

As I cited on twitter, Sutter has one of the worst Points per 60 minutes in the entire NHL for regular players. This contract has heavy meaning for Frans Nielsen who will look at Sutter and his 30pts and desire 5 million per year and up on his last big payday coming up. Bye bye Frans.


The always excellent Jonathan Willis sums it up far better than I did with this wrecking ball piece on the bad trade and the double-down on contract on Sutter. 


PuckDaddy’s Ryan Lambert with his Power Rankings: Signing old guys; advanced stats; buyouts.


Spector’s Hockey’s Lyle Richardson on: Hey, what every happened to all that Stamkos Contract talk and rumors? 


TSN’s Rick Westhead on how the NHL has been ordered turn over all their data about player injuries and concussions to lawyers representing former NHL players who are suing the league. 




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