Near The Point Of No Return: Brock Nelson In Severe Danger Of Missing Season

Near The Point Of No Return: Brock Nelson In Severe Danger Of Missing Season


When an agent sounds off… it is not a good sign. It is even worse when you are the NY Islanders who have very clear-cut cap management attention and major signings on the horizon next season.

Ron Salcer & Tobin Wright are both agents for Brock Nelson. They work in tandem. Wright is usually the business/contract expert… Salcer, a longtime agent, is the “bulldog” with the hard nose, doing the dirty work.

Last night, Salcer did some of that dirty work, sounding off to Newsday’s Arthur Staple on Brock Nelson. Despite that Nelson is an RFA with no negotiation rights, Salcer brought up comparable players on other teams that were special cases.

Those comparables?

Mikael Granlund

Alex Galchenyuk

Mika Zibanejad

Elias Lindholm

There is one large problem with that…. Brock Nelson is none of those players. In fact, I would trade for any one of those players for Brock Nelson in a heartbeat. Every one of those agent cited players are 1st or 2nd line players.

Brock Nelson is NOT. If anything, he is an excellent 3rd line center or wing with some scoring upside. Despite the fact he has shown some glimmers, he is not a 1st or 2nd line player at this point.

So, the comparables, quite conveniently, are more to how Brock Nelson played the first half of last season. The problem is… there was another half to that season that says something else entirely.

Salcer cites that Garth Snow has not gotten back to him on another offer. However, despite that complaint and saying he has not spoken to Garth Snow in 6 weeks… is this other item, swept conveniently under the rug….

Salcer has sat with a 2 year bridge deal for Brock Nelson that they are unhappy with.

So Garth did his work, sent off the deal, and has let them simmer.

All indications are that the NY Islanders will NOT change or send forth any other deal. In fact, if you see another forward signed… one year deal or PTO… you can view it that the Islanders are moving on.

Brock Nelson is in the same boat that Josh Bailey and Anders Lee were once in. Both players got deals done, even though they were not happy with the offer. Bailey signed, earned a new deal. Anders Lee accepted the qualifying offer, and just signed his long term deal after proving himself last season. Both RFA players took their deals and then earned a better paycheck.

Brock needs to accept this deal… and fast.

The agent speaking out did him no favors with an organization who likes and expects professionalism and things out of the media. Furthermore, the Islanders hands are tied. Brock Nelson’s RFA situation has severe ramifications for future deals for the pile of prospects who will be soon coming to Long Island. The Isles cannot afford to change their tune or alter their plans. Brock is between a rock and a hard place.


We are close… if not on the very cusp… of the point of no return.

This means Brock sits out, plays elsewhere for far less (Europe?)… and then still remains Isles property anyway.



I do not believe he will be traded. Garth Snow does not like to deal in a position of weakness. Other GM’s circle these kind of situations looking for bargains or to get their own dead weight traded. Isles are not looking at dead weight, and will not expect anything below value. Brock will sit, the team will move on. Don’t buy into any of the trade rumors. I am highly doubtful that Garth Snow will rush into anything.


Brock Nelson must accept the deal and play his way to a better paycheck. 






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