IslesBeat Good Reads: Trade Rumors Edition

IslesBeat Good Reads: Trade Rumors Edition

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Adrian Dater has been doing some great pieces on Bleacher Report. This one about decisions and trade options that Colorado must consider is no different. Note: Iginla told Dater he would not approve of any trade this season (has NMC). So sounds like those Iginla NHL rumors are a lot of malarky, since they are completely ignorant of this glaring fact. checks in with each team one month into the season. They make an interesting observation on Long Island…

“(John Tavares) still leads the team with 11 points in 11 games, but he has some of the worst possession numbers on the team, posting a 46.5 even strength Corsi For percentage despite making heave offensive zone starts. I’m sure that when he recovers his game, and the team’s play overall, will increase, because as of right now, the Islanders look like a mediocre team riding the excellent play of Jaroslav Halak and Thomas Greiss.” Read more.


Speaking of the NY Islanders, we go deep into the Isles issues in our latest podcast as we discuss if Jack Capuano should be fired. Give it a listen. 


Patrick Marleau wouldn’t mind a trade, says TSN’s Bob McKenzie. Of course, this rumor gets Isles fans all eager. As if the Isles want to spend $6.6 million per year for a past peak player? Right. They won’t. But give it a read anyway because San Jose is under a lot of pressure to win at all costs.


Lyle Richardson of Spector’s Hockey always has a good view and process in looking at these type of rumors. In this one he looks at both aforementioned trade rumor scenarios. 




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