Realistic NY Islanders Trade Partners for Travis Hamonic

Realistic NY Islanders Trade Partners for Travis Hamonic

Word to the wise: There seems to be a focus by the punditry and NHL experts that the NY Islanders can only trade to the Western Conference Canadian Teams. I don’t believe this is the case at all. 


I think this is a far more realistic view of possible trade partners that get Travis Hamonic CLOSER to his home which is just outside Winnipeg.




You will see this opens things for the Islanders quite a bit with such teams as Minnesota, St. Louis, Detroit, Colorado, etc. Minnesota is an hour plane ride to Winnipeg. Colorado and St. Louis are roughly a 2-hour plane ride from Winnipeg, though St. Louis might not have a direct nonstop. NY has been an all-day excursion in travel due to lack of non-stop flights (which would make it only 5.5 hours).

Other nonstop to Winnipeg

1-2 hours
Minneapolis, Minnesota (Delta)
Calgary, Alberta (Air Canada, WestJet)

2-3 hours
Denver, Colorado (United)
Chicago, Illinois (United)
Ottawa, Ontario (Air Canada, WestJet)
Montreal, Quebec (Air Canada, WestJet)
Vancouver, BC (Air Canada, WestJet)
Toronto, Ontario (Air Canada, WestJet)

3-4 hours
Phoenix, Arizona (WestJet*)


Something to keep in mind as we wait for something to be done this season.


For our take and analysis, check out our latest podcast that cites this and other important points as outing of Travis Hamonic’s trade request seems to have the Isles fanbase in a panic.



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  1. What's the frequency, Kenneth

    That’s a funky circle you’ve got there for a radius around Winnepeg, with its center a couple hundred miles into the US.

  2. if that circle gets any bigger it will include NYC

  3. Worth noting that Edmonton to Winnipeg is in the 1-2 hour range as well. Also had multiple flights a day. And is a small airport so you can get through quickly.

  4. I think the writer doesn’t fly across the border very often. Huge difference in convenience in flying domestic rather than international. I think any of the Canadian cities would be far superior to any American ones if his goal is to fly to Winnipeg often. That said, if this is all legit about needing to be near family, it is likely he only wants to go to Winnipeg but can’t say that.*

    *It may be that his mother/ family might be only willing to move within Western Canada.

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