Welcome to the Travis Hamonic Trade Rumor Ride

Welcome to the Travis Hamonic Trade Rumor Ride


There is a point with most trade rumor situations where things go a bit crazy. Rumors start to fly around… a lot of it incorrect.


GMs tend to use this time to float their own scenarios or their own considerations of trades down the line… using the Hamonic situation to judge fan reaction or to throw off items.

Prime example seems to be the Anaheim rumors coming from Damien Cox. Not sure why the Ducks are floating into the ether from him, but per a source: “Anaheim and the Islanders haven’t even spoken to one another on Hamonic.”

Well, which one is right? Your guess is as good as mine. After all, I could be being given the denial just to keep it quiet. Damien could have it exactly right.

Personally, between you and me…. I don’t think that is the case. I don’t think the Ducks are in any part of this. But, you get the idea.

The highly respectable Elliotte Friedman has cited that they have heard rumors of a potential three-way trade. Meanwhile, once again… despite his excellent reputation and work, it is merely something he has “heard”. Meanwhile, I have heard that isn’t the case at all. Who is right? We will see.

In fact, the only thing we do know is that Travis Hamonic will be traded, right? 

Actually… no.

The NY Islanders are under no obligation to trade him, now or ever. Per sources throughout this process since the very beginning have said:

“A deal has to be right on the player and $$$ or nothing will happen.”

I think this statement needs to be remembered because when GMs play ball, it is hardball.

Just last night this article dropped, putting a damper on Dougie Hamilton trade talk… something I have cited for a while as a potential Isles top target. 

“A source close to the team told the Calgary Sun that Islanders GM Garth Snow also inquired about the services of Flames newcomer Dougie Hamilton as part of a trade for Hamonic.”

Excuse me as I do a little victory dance….


“But 21 games into Hamilton’s stint in red, you can bet more than a few folks think the Flames should be considering it.

For the record, the Flames aren’t.”

Wait… what???

Does this mean Dougie is off the market? Certainly sound like it, right?

“There isn’t a Flames fan or front office type who would consider trading Brodie for Hamonic.

Right or wrong, that sentiment isn’t nearly as strong for Hamilton.”

Ummm… ok, that is now the opposite statement. What is the writer trying to say here?

If I read between the lines… sounds to me either Flames are playing hardball, OR Islanders want them to eat some of that contract. My money is on the latter, and that talks broke off because of this. But, that is just a guess. I just know that the Islanders are salary cap conscious.  

After all, Travis Hamonic has a terrific contract 2 years into his seven-year, $27-million contract. That’s $3,857,143 cap hit per year. A bargain for a guy only 25 years old.

Meanwhile, Dougie Hamilton was traded to the Flames from Boston last season and given a hefty deal of a 6 year deal with $5.75 million going against the salary cap through 2020-21.

So if the Isles are considering options of kids like Tyson Barrie of Colorado, who is an upcoming RFA, and possibly Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg, who also will be an RFA … well, we can see that the Islanders have some solid lower cost options here. Is it their fault that Calgary spent assets trading for Hamilton and then gave him such a big contract? Nope.

Let’s also add some other lower cost options like from Minnesota, who per reports, is back in the running for Hamonic’s services. Marco Scandella just signed a 5-year contract that hits the cap at $4 million per year. Jonas Brodin signed a 6-year deal just last year that averages $4.16 AAV. Matt Dumba is in the last year of his Entry Level deal, and an RFA this summer. If Minnesota is truly back in the running… ONE of these players is involved… this I guarantee.

So, we can see that Dougie Hamilton is over the possible potential Islanders options per year by almost 1.5 million+.

So… if Calgary truly is interested in Hamonic, they can’t play too much of a hardball. Now that the Hamonic trade request is public, they have to actively compete versus other potential buyers here.

Expect more rumors, innuendo, and other items to hit the feeder. We will keep this post updated with all the new items that we think matter. Plus… what happens if Edmonton decides to come back in at the end to get their man? All is possible. 


Have a great Thanksgiving folks.


– BD




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