IslesBeat Reality Check: The Upcoming Trade Deadline

IslesBeat Reality Check: The Upcoming Trade Deadline


There seems to be a hope from many that the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline will somehow rescue the NY Islanders this season. It seems odd when we are talking about “rescuing” the Isles when they have been in playoff contention almost the entire time from October up tis this All Star Break… but that seems to be the enduring theme of many fans and writers that almost seem to be waiting for the bottom to fall out.

We talk about that in our latest podcast:

And I also cite what the deep issues and differences are between this season and last season in this podcast:



Here’s the bottom line about trade deadline:
1. There’s not one player who you could say “wow, he puts the NY Islanders over the top” so you can’t give away 1st rd and top prospect for rental. That, btw… is the price per market.

Vermette went to Chicago last year for a 1st round pick AND a solid prospect. That’s a top 9 forward at best … and look what that cost. This coming trade deadline rental price looks like it can be about the same. 

Unless Garth Snow can put together a player for player deal (who is signed longterm) … I don’t see any moves made EXCEPT for perhaps a depth deal for playoffs. Player for player deals are tremendously difficult due to also being necessary to move equal salary. (most teams are cap struck or near their budget maxes). So money matters. It is a tricky landscape. If something could be done here… however, it could change the Isles fortunes. Especially if a possession and puck moving defenseman. (We talk about this in depth in the last podcast)


2. If you do make that RENTAL TRADE, that person leaves, you can’t guarantee a deal with a 31 yr old who wants his payday (Frans Nielsen) and a 28 year old who wants exorbitant money (Kyle Okposo… who I reported over the summer is looking for 7+ per year). PLUS  you are short on a pick or prospect for future or for draft deals thanks to paying that RENTAL PRICE.


3. FACT: The NY Islanders – despite fan despair and emotion, are NOT having a bad season. So HOW do you blow it up?

CAN just an improved second half from Anders Lee and Ryan Strome be enough?


4. HOT SEAT? No. The ownership old and new have been part of this plan every step of the way and are in agreement. I’ve reported this, podcast this, and tweeted this many times. Even if it doesn’t work as planned they have been part of it. Garth will not be “on a hot seat” or any other fantasy here.


5. Thus, Garth WILL be back no matter what… 




If you missed our podcast!

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