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We have all seen the blogs, tweets and rumors. The NY Islanders are one of the most active teams behind the scenes to land key needs or upgrades via trades. They look to be trying to land a wing AND a center.

NOTE: Eberle is being cited as coming to Isles per Edmonton Journal. I also just heard from a hockey source that a deal MIGHT be in place for Galchenyuk, as well. However, in walking all this over to a key NHL Source…. it’s just not true. No deals in place. 


Until reported by Isles sources and media, I think we will just say: THE HYPE IS RED HOT. And we will see. As we all know, rumors fly about. I don’t see agreement and trades in place until tomorrow or Friday.

I’ve found the always the reliable @DarrenDreger to be the best source for the Isles moves and targets this summer because of his contacts with the other orgs. The Isles themselves are a tough nut to crack.


So, let us remain hopeful these items are correct and let’s talk about who are rumored to be targeted:




Kind of looks like a sleepy Jimmy Kimmel in his team picture. 


Eberle is a goal scorer and playmaker wing with solid good hockey IQ. Only 27 years old, so not at peak yet. 20 goals last year. 25 year before. 34 goals in 2011. So can score and is accurate. Signed still at 6 million AAV for this season and next.

Key item: pretty prolific on the PP with 4.47 points per 60 min last year on a hot Edmonton Oiler team. However, consistently in that range bc in 2015-16 4.17 points per 60. In 2014-15 he was even higher with 5.66 points p/60.

So basically his Powerplay average puts him right up there with John Tavares and Anders Lee with proficiency, if not near the top.

Coincidence? I think not. Is he softer versus the best players? Maybe, but he’s not elite. But what he can do is work, shoot, feed the puck, and score. That is good enough when you are missing those other items. 

Can do 17-19 min a game.




Kind of looks like Josh Hartnett’s and Jonah Hill’s love-child in this team pic


Galchenyuk is a wing and center who is only 23 years old who scored 30 goals two seasons ago. He had 44 points in 61 games last season and is an RFA. He can score and make plays. Has a wickedly good one-timer when accurate.

Has never seemed to be used right or consistently in MTL. Just over 15 minutes average a game. BASICALLY the more he shoots the more good things happen.

Keys: another PP machine whose last 2 yr points per 60/min is 4.59 and 4.48 on the power play.

Is he elite? Not necessarily. But he is PRETTY damn good. How high is his ceiling is the question vs Matt Duchene? Is he an answer at C over wing? That is another question. 





PIC = Skaterdude? Or the local pizza delivery guy?


Duchene is an elite forward stuck on a team who has been downward sliding into an abyss, so his stats have done the same. 26 years old, on contract for this coming season and next at $6 million AAV. Plays Center.

The Isles had scouted the bejesus out of Duchene back at the infamous draft of 2009 where some thought he would be selected. Has a vast array of tools and speed. Scored 30 goals two seasons ago. Scored 70 points in 2013-14. Can do 18min+ a game.

A few seasons ago I cited GAR as an interesting overall# to get a sense of a players positive contributions to the team in getting wins. Hockey Graph’s @DTMAboutHeart put up an interesting overall GAR and forward ranking for Duchene about a week and a half ago:

@DTMAboutHeart via Twitter








What I find interesting is does a trade for Duchene place the offer for Galchenyuk off the table? Galchenyuk can play wing or center. Or is this dependent on two out of three? This would be most fascinating because then it depends totally on bypassing the Avs and Sakic in all likelihood. As I reported back last week, the Isles were once again hitting a wall with them in a trade.


Or, are there more offers that rumors and pundit’s haven’t caught wind of? This is highly likely, as well. 


Whatever the case, I think the Isles have their offers on tables and await answers. We will see what happens. Tomorrow the trade freeze lifts and we careen towards the NHL draft on Friday night. It will be a rollercoaster, as usual, for Isles fans. Hopefully it will be finally worth the ride. 


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