ISLESBEAT Hockey Reality Primer To The Next Few Weeks

ISLESBEAT Hockey Reality Primer To The Next Few Weeks


Dismiss any name you have heard rumored to the NY Islanders. 

Every time a player “appears” available, invariably, they are somehow connected to the Isles. This is just pure fan or writer fiction.

Fans have a tendency to create their own scenarios… sadly, some actually blog about them… and then they become somehow then the expectation. Purely hypothetical fan-created scenarios tend to take up a life of their own around these times. Don’t get suckered. And remember a couple of key items:

  1. Isles don’t leak players they are chasing and TEND to only deal with teams that do not leak out items. So if you keep hearing rumored items all over the place… chances are its pure hype and overwrought … and likely completely wrong.
  2. Fans of teams GROSSLY overvalue their own players. 
  3. Fans LOVE name players. Sometimes ignoring their production, age, etc. This is why free agency gets hyped, and leads to such abject disappointment. 
  4. Don’t be taken in by any silly scenarios that say a trade can happen for a top talent that DOES NOT involve top prospects. 



Have the Avs overplayed their hand on Matt Duchene?

The NY Islanders made “VERY GOOD” offers to the Avs last trade deadline. They were rebuffed. Now Sakic awaits the next three weeks to see if he can outdo those offers.

However, this could backfire on him.

  1. Does Duchene’s production from the last few years MATCH the HYPE? No.
  2. Duchene is also 2 years from free agency

Unless someone is desperate, it could be that Sakic is put between a rock and a hard place trying to chase a better dman from other teams.





This week is where the talk all starts to pick up. Next week, it might be at the point of starting to coalesce to actual deals.

There stands to be a lot of movement as we sail towards the NHL draft across the entire NHL.

However… be aware that there is league-wide trade freeze from June 17th until the June 22nd (note: correction. Originally cited the 18th. It is Saturday, June 17).

Expect a lot of talk, but actual deals will be announced dramatically at the expansion draft… and then again later on in the NHL draft. So expect a lot of rumor, innuendo, but be prepared for the dramatic pauses as the NHL likes to control those announcements.

George McPhee and Garth Snow ARE very close friends. How will this play into the expansion draft???? That will be interesting because Vegas stands to gain due to the Isles inability to be able to protect everyone.




Michael Dal Colle: Do not dismiss this players value in trade or if he remains with the Islanders. Per Scouts, he is ON TRACK to be an NHL player. Fans tend to want immediacy in player development. The reality is something different.

The real question for the NY Islanders this summer is if they can make key changes without giving up their best prospects in Matthew Barzal and Ryan Pulock. With Pulock doing heavy powerplay and top use in Bridgeport, it seems they are setting the stage for placing him into the Islanders top 4 this next season OR….

Perhaps other teams top 4 next season. 

We will see.


Whatever the case, rumor has it this season is make-or-break for Garth Snow as GM. He must show they are a playoff level contender or else. That means the heat is on for course correction, the right staff, right players, and flaws corrected.

Like him or not….Garth Snow is in control AND on the clock. They will be aggressive and NEED to make something happen before free agency on July 1st. 




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