NY ISLES FUZZY LOGIC – Tavares Drama, Garth Snow, Drafts And More


I see some myopic views floating around on NY Islanders issues. Which is kind of weird when the team is 3-3-1, and looking like a team that is rising. So let us apply some reality to some melodrama that is being lobbed…


As I have been citing on Twitter, the team has actually played analytically better than most fans eye-tests. The Corsi-For is high. However, the PDO (puck luck) of Eberle and Tavares is REALLY LOW. Both players are poised to break-out because the overall play is there. Expect more output from their top line and more Power Play prowess. We will check in with the season play at the 10 game mark. Until then, I wouldn’t get too concerned. Their at-homes coming up versus some Western Conference teams should be a good barometer.




To the JT reverberations, since someone seems to be playing the harp despite no new news…


I’ve said this since last Spring and will continue to iterate:

John Tavares wants to re-sign with the NY Islanders and his teammates know this. It doesn’t matter who thinks what, especially when it is outside the NY Islanders organization or off of Long Island. It is connected SOLELY to the Belmont RFP (as I also cited numerous times). This has not or will not change. So strap yourself in until the RFP announcement which is likely in 2018. Otherwise… there is NOTHING to report on either on Belmont or Tavares.

JT loves Long Island, is a huge golf fan, and loves the lacrosse culture in the high schools here. This is a guy who wants to remain and has said as such to teammates and friends. So enough with the stirring of the pot for stirring sake.


Let’s also correct history:

The Isles so-called search for a President of Hockey Operations likely was never about Hockey Operations. It certainly was never going to effect Garth Snow. As cited numerous times on Twitter, it was far more likely it was misconstrued AND was a search for venue Operations IF/WHEN Belmont goes forward. Notice how there hasn’t been nary a word since the rumors reported mid-last year during the team stinking under Capuano. Funny how team drama popped up a rumor and when things settled…. nothing. Coincidence? I think not.

However, it is TRUE that Garth Snow is and will be safe unless of course a giant flame-out. Which really won’t happen. His long-term deal is not just rumored, which I cited a long time ago….

That was old news since, thanks to Arthur Staple also reporting it later on. Now, down the line, I know it is a FACT. It was also longer than the 5 years cited.


A little more history for you.



I also have seen overall sentiment negatively on NY Islander drafts…. including a recent VERY myopic view on draft picks.

Here is a forgotten item that most Hockey Operations people know. Draft picks are ASSETS. And the assets they are traded for must also be entered into the equation.

If the Isles turn picks & Ville Pokke to Nick Leddy and picks for Johnny Boychuk…. GM should get credit. If organization deals Griffen Reinhart to the picks that turned into Matthew Barzal & Anthony Beauvillier (both on the Isles club already)…. Also a huge boon. Turning Ryan Strome to Jordan Eberle??? I’m going to go with the vet and needs that got fulfilled for now.

You just can’t have it both ways. You must include the assets they reap. Otherwise, it is a shortsighted view which also is ignorant of draft values/probabilities across all NHL teams. Which was also missing to any criticism.

Meanwhile, critics never seem to cite the other items that worked out via drafts for the Isles…

  1. Anders Lee
  2. Calvin de Haan
  3. Adam Pelech
  4. Scott Mayfield – fans seemed to forget that developing dmen takes years
  5. Ryan Pulock (who will get his time eventually, calm down)
  6. Casey Cizikas
  7. Josh Bailey who as a 9th pick has been solid in output
  8. Brock Nelson
  9. Travis Hamonic – moved for draft picks



Where criticism IS warranted:

The Isles had two post-draft decisions that went wrong. Those you can lay on Garth Snow’s doorstep.

  1. Nino Niederreiter – loss of an all-star for a 4th line physical player. Though you can also add complexity created by an agent who demanded a trade right away… which is not an NHL norm.
  2. Jared Spurgeon – A huge mistake likely made thinking the Dman was too small for the NHL. His play and value for Minnesota sure make the Isles look silly.

If these two players had remained, you would have a big difference on the NHL level. Those are items that you can saddle the Snow and brain trust with. Which is something that actually happens to all NHL teams, by the way. Every team has examples of players that they let get away.


Just a dose of reality to the glass of bad juju that seems to be offered to spur on the negative nancies out there.




In the meantime I still see people citing “The Islanders Rebuild”. That has been over for at least 3 seasons, ladies and gents.


Last 3 seasons, plus this season OVERALL IN THE NHL:

NY Islanders are 9th in WINS


NY Islanders are 6th in GOALS FOR


NY Islanders are 6th in Shots Per Game

(stats accrued from NHL website)


You can complain Jack Capuano was left as the coach too long. You can complain about playoff disappointment. You can complain about 3 goalies last season. But, if you are still banging a gong on REBUILD, you are well over 3 years behind. Rebuild doesn’t mean Cup victory. It is rebuilt until being competitive. That is the timeline.