REALITY CHECK: Garth Snow Has Been GM For 12 Years

REALITY CHECK: Garth Snow Has Been GM For 12 Years

“Snow has been GM for 12 years”
– the usual fan quote.


True. He has.

The problem that no one wants to see that there were 4 phases/mandates for Garth Snow to work under:

PHASE 1: Took over from Neil Smith, had to deal with his vets and Milbury’s bare cupboard for 2 seasons before finally convincing Charles Wang to rebuild in 2008. (2 years)

PHASE 2: Rebuild starts at 2008 NHL draft, but is given mandate by Charles Wang to spend to cap floor (6 years or so)

PHASE 3: Brooklyn announced – Charles Wang has him spend some more via budget (2 years or so)

PHASE 4: New ownership takes over. Spend to win. (2 years)


CONCLUSION: Evaluating Garth Snow’s tenure is complicated. Something fans (and many writers) don’t want to think about when (rightly) frustrated by last two seasons and an overall rollercoaster of items/Cappy/JT UFA/venue/etc. But these are facts and items that ownership does take into account (like it or not).


Just something to remember when owners likely keep him as GM for next season. This is not apologism. Garth and I don’t play the links at Bethpage Black. Just some reality that the organization is taking into account (plus, add in the fact he would need to be bought out). Only item that might appease the “Snow Must Go” irate fanbase is IF he is pushed upstairs as a Team President. How ownership, especially ownership’s “voice” and fan-friendly, Jon Ledecky, addresses this with fans will be interesting no matter what happens.



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  1. According to this article snow has had the last 2 years to have free reign and run the team as he sees fit correct? So why has the team regressed over the past two years? Snow must go.

  2. I don’t know if you can really blame Neil Smith for any of this, as he was GM for about a month. So they weren’t really Smith’s vets as much as Milbury’s.
    Within the 2 years of new ownership and having money to spend for 4 years, the Islanders should be a perennial contender for the cup, deep in the playoffs each year. But I am not seeing that progress. I don’t blame him for a lack of deadline moves, as he was hampered by cap issues and not having willing partners for reasonable deals. But he still has had the off-season to make moves.
    I give Snow one more year. If we are not a cup contender next year, he should be fire, there should be a house cleaning with all new staff.

  3. He needs to go end of story. Enough of the friggin bullshit.

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