Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

MONTREAL , QC – JUNE 27: General Manager Lou Lamoriello of the New Jersey Devils smiles during the second day of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft at the Bell Centre on June 27, 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Lou Lamoriello

There is an amazing amount of rumors flying about. Funny how just as Islander fans are starving for anything that there is a proliferation of items all almost tailored made for their ingestion. Funny, right?

As I cited from the Islanders awkward… or is it awkward Islanders press conference, the concentration of Ledecky and Malkin will be on an Enterprise-level look on the organization. Not as finite on GM or team president. These were likely to remain static in the limbo of Barclays to Belmont, giving John Tavares preferred stability. I know this goes against expectations, hopes, and desires. I get it. You hope I am wrong. I’m just relaying what I have heard.

Yet, the rumors and expectations since seem to be the opposite here. Are Isles organization sources wrong and big changes are ahead??? Possibly, if you buy the rumors wholesale. Except for the fact, despite all the jumbling of rumors, nothing has actually happened. So what gives? Is there a schism in ownership and plans? Or is there something else at work, pushing all the buttons, leading to rumors for what tends to be a secretive organization who doesn’t exactly telegraph their plans.

Ahh, that is interesting, isn’t it? How rumors flail about from an organization and owners who tend to not exactly leak items to and fro. Makes you wonder on who and what is exactly going on and why.

Something seems rotten here.

The Isles, and Lou Lamoriello, are two very secretive and usually non-leaking entities.

So WHO is exactly is doing all the talking, then?

There are so many rumors, it is now looking like spaghetti thrown against a wall to see what sticks.

Yet… The Isles and Lou are not exactly the kind of folks who chat about intentions.


Maybe it’s time for folks to stop eating everything up and start to question things. Who stands to gain as more and more rumors fly about?

Certainly isn’t the Islanders organization. They are working on NHL draft planning and summer items. The rumors are a total disruption. It isn’t Scott Malkin, the majority owner, who is over in Europe. It isn’t John Tavares, who doesn’t like this type of unrest and drama. This is not his style at all.

Who stands to gain from the chaos?

Well, it would certainly be any team who wants John Tavares in the market. The more chaos the better. This includes Lou’s possible former employer, Toronto.

How many ridiculous, ponderous articles and bloviating talking heads act like Tavares MUST want to come to Toronto? Or Montreal? Or any other place than the United States, or New York, or Long Island.

So, are the pundits and talking heads being played to help add tinder to the fire??? It is a fair question, because this goes on all the time in other sports, and certainly in politics. It is a VERY un-Isles-like situation and field with so much chaos and loose information flying about.

In the meantime, as Arthur Staple of The Athletic cited on twitter, it is business-as-usual on Long Island as Garth Snow and Doug Weight go overseas to scout The Worlds.

So either there is churn and schism behind-the-scenes on Long Island OR…. Some OR many are helping add logs to the fire because they have some stake in all of this in the long-run. It is time to start asking who has a stake in unrest? Who has a stake in chaos? Who has a stake in creating churn and drama?

Eat rumors wisely, Isles fans. This dinner might not digest well in the long run.